Little Princess Delights


Little Princess Delights


Step into a world of enchantment with our Little Princess Delights Gift Box, a royal celebration of all things sweet and whimsical for your little princess. Bursting with pink hues and delightful surprises, this magical collection is sure to capture her heart and ignite her imagination.

Inside this treasure trove, you’ll discover a curated selection of delights fit for royalty. From the cuddly embrace of Pink Gerry the Giraffe Soft Toy to the charming tale of “That’s Not My Giraffe” Kids Book, each item is a precious gem waiting to be cherished.

Indulge in moments of pure bliss as your little princess enjoys the comforting embrace of her new best friend and dives into the magical world of storytelling. Let her dreams take flight as she drifts off to sleep with the gentle aroma of Sleepy Essential Oil, while indulging in a sweet treat with the rainbow cookie and organic macadamia chocolate.

With the addition of the 2-pack of dummies, a nappy wet bag, and a baby headband, this gift box is not only a celebration of joy but also a practical companion for everyday adventures with your little princess.

Embrace the magic of childhood and create memories to last a lifetime with our Little Princess Delights Gift Box. Order now and let the royal celebrations begin!

  • BIBS Baby Knit Headband-Kiana
  • BIBS Vanilla/Dark Oak Dummy 2 Pack
  • Gerry the Pink Giraffe
  • Charlies Rainbow Cookie 50g
  • Pana Organic Macadamia Chocolate 45g
  • Ena Essential Oil Roll On Sleepy Blend
  • That’s Not My Giraffe Kids Book
  • Folk Grey Botanical Wet Bag

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