Welcome to PersonallyPicked!

Gift boxes for everyone, for everything. 

Welcome to PersonallyPicked!

We started PersonallyPicked in 2019 after finding a gap in the market for a truly personalised gifting solution. We have grown from operating out of Samantha’s home, to moving into our very own warehouse space. We have a small (and legendary) team, who hand pack every single one of your gifts, with care, love and lots of sparkles.

Why we are different

We are all about our customers (that’s you!).

Our custom build-your-own gift box experience was an Australian first. We put you in the driver’s seat as you discover our fun, purposeful and unique range of products to build-your-own gift box just for them (after all you know them better than we do). Finish it off by adding their name to the top of the gift box and a personal card message, you can’t get more personalised than that.

You will be delighted with an abundance of choice, as you select from a range of over 200 products. There is a product to suit everyone: your grandpa, your teacher, your awesome neighbour. We have sourced (and continue to source) the very best range of products that we know you will love.

What we care about

Inclusivity and accessibility is at the core of everything we do. We aim to create a gifting platform that is for everyone and anyone.  When stocking products, we are always on the hunt for:

  • Ethically sourced products and socially responsible brands (as much as possible)
  • Supporting small, local and boutique artisan brands (to give them a broader market share and audience)
  • Blending Australian brands with globally known favourites (because we like both and we know you do too)
  • Stocking a diverse range of products, for a wide variety of people
  • Choosing sustainable options in our products, packaging and delivery model wherever possible
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