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Melbourne Martini Amaretto Sour

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A cocktail in a jar? Yes, it exists, thanks to the legends at Melbourne Martini. This perfect addition to your gift box is sure to create good times.  This little beauty is also vegan and gluten free - hurrah!

The Amaretto Sour is a sweet yet oh-so-seductive drink. It combines high quality. Amaretto, lemon juice for lip smacking tang, and organic sugar syrup for that perfect level of sweetness. You won’t want to share this little beauty with anyone. 

Ingredients: Amaretto, Natural Lemon Juice, Organic Sugar Syrup, Water, Instafoam® (Quillaja Extract), Preservative E224 (Gluten Free)(Vegan)

Alcohol can only be purchased by, and sent to, people aged 18 and over. We encourage the responsible drinking of alcohol.

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