Sparkling Christmas


Sparkling Christmas


A gift box almost to pretty to touch. This Christmas gift screams luxury, combining the very best premium, local products, for the ultimate end of year celebratory gift.

  • Posh Plonk Vintage Cuvee Sparkling 750ml
  • CLINQ Copper Stemless Champagne Flute
  • CLINQ Copper Stemless Champagne Flute
  • Fluffe Pavlova Fairy Fluffe
  • Fluffe Candy Cane White Choc Fairy Floss
  • Koko Black Gingerbread Bites 180g
  • Glasshouse Christmas Candle Set 60g

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Do Not Open Sticker

Would you like a ‘Do Not Open Until _______’ sticker on the outside of your gift box? This means if your gift box is for a specific occasion and arrives early, the recipient will know not to open the gift box until the date you choose!

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