Espresso Martini


Espresso Martini


This espresso martini cocktail experience gift box includes everything they need to make their own bar-worthy espresso martini cocktails at home! They will have fun as they follow the instructions, to shake, stir and sip their way to the perfect cocktail at home, with everything needed included in the gift box! It also includes a fun trivia and game card that they can enjoy whilst sipping on their delicious cocktails!

All of our experience gift boxes are specifically designed to include products that work together to create an overall experience. They include a card with step by step instuctions on how to use the items in the gift, as well as indivudal product descriptions on all the amazing items included in the gift.

  • Mr Consistent Espresso Martini Cocktail Mix
  • CLINQ Copper Cocktail Shaker
  • CLINQ Copper Stemless Tumbler
  • 23rd Street Distillery Australian Vodka 200ml
  • Mr Consistent Cocktail Coffee Beans
  • Cocktail Measuring Jiggler
  • Cocktail Trivia and Games Card
  • Espresso Martini Experience Card

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