Corporate Gifting

Looking for a gift idea that will leave a lasting impression and reflect your brand? Do you have staff or clients you want to thank, welcome or recognize? Or maybe you have an end of year event, conferences or product launch?

We have your back!

Why us? We get it, there are so many of these ‘hamper companies’ about these days, but trust us when we say we are different.

WE ARE FUN. Our boxes are bright and stand out from the crowd, our products are varied and have personality and our brand is quirky and different.

WE ARE A SMALL BUSINESS, SO WE CARE! Like a lot… so we put extra love into our relationship with you and into every one of your boxes, and love catering to custom requests. We also love supporting other small businesses, so many of the brands we stock are Australian made small businesses.

WE ARE PERSONALISED. We offer personalised products, such as wine glasses with your client/customers name, plus you can individually choose the items that go into your boxes, or we can do that hard work for you, it’s your choice! We will also include your own business logo on the top of the box and on your card- so don’t worry all the awesome kudos for those cool boxes goes to you!

WE ARE AFFORDABLE. We make it possible for anyone and everyone to be able to send gifts, they start from as little as $30 per box.

Have we been able to persuade you yet… come on? Give us a chance. If we don’t wow your socks off, you can dump us next year.                                       

If you have an idea of what you are looking for please complete the below form and we will get back to you with a concept and a quote.