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this is persONALLYPICKED

We hate talking about ourselves, but hey you asked right?

Gifts made personal by you, made unforgettable by us.

This is why we exist.


We are all about our customers (that’s you!). We put you in the driver’s seat as you discover our fun, purposeful and unique range of products to build-your-own gift box just for them (after all you know them better than we do). Finish it off by adding their name to the top of the gift box and a personal card message, you can’t get more personalised than that.

There is a product to suit everyone: your grandpa, your teacher, your awesome neighbour. We have sourced (and continue to source) the very best range of products that we know you will love.


We give priority to:

  • Ethically sourced products and socially responsible brands (as much as possible)
  • Supporting small, local and boutique artisan brands (to give them a broader market share and audience)
  • Blending Australian brands with globally known favourites (because we like both and we know you do too)
  • Choosing sustainable options in our products, packaging and delivery model wherever possible

An unforgettable experience.

We aim to create a seamless and unforgettable experience for both the recipient and our customers.



Will be delighted with an abundance of choice, as you select from our range of over 100 products.

Will be surprised at the easy and fun online experience, as you build your own gift box, we will be with you every step of the way.

  • Will be amazed at the level of customer service you receive and the quality, presentation and speed your gift box is delivered.
  • Will deserve a huge high five for the amazing gift you create.



  • Will be left speechless with an insta-worthy unboxing experience, from the outer packaging to the amazing items they find inside.

  • Will be touched when they realise every single item in their gift box was PersonallyPicked just for them.

  • Will feel special when they see their name on the top of the gift box and read your personal message.

  • Will freaking love you.

We got you.

We are female founded, and damn proud of it (#girlbosses). We are an Australian owned company working hard to impress you.

We love what we do and go above and beyond for our legendary customers (that’s you). We value our voice and responsibility to support causes that we and our community are passionate about, operate in a sustainable way, source ethical and socially responsible brands and just generally try to be good humans.

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