Frequently Asked Questions


What if I need my gift box delivered on a specific day?

Do you ship internationally?

What if I want multiple boxes delivered to different addresses?

Can I track my delivery?

Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

What happens if the gift recipient isn’t home?

Can I request a delivery time?

Is there an option for pick up instead of delivery?

About your Gift Box

What is included in my AMAZING gift box?

Is there a minimum or maximum number of items I need to add to my box?

I have an idea in mind for an item I’d like included but it’s not on your website, can you help?

What’s the best way to dispose the box?

What if I want two names on the top of my Gift Box?

Returns Policy

What is your return policy?

Mother's Day Shipping

How does your Mother's Day Shipping work?

I want to send the Mother's Day Gift straight to my Mum but don't want her to open it until Mother's Day

What are your Mother's Day delivery cut off times?